Virgin treasure hunt

Virgin treasure hunt

Where have I been this week?, I have been on a treasure hunt with Virgin Group. No need to get on a plane, furthermore you do not have to leave your house to join in. I can hear you say what is she rambling on about again.

Let me begin at the start. Many months ago I downloaded an app, just to be nosy. The VirginRed app a place to enter prize draws and receive offers, someone out in the world then created a game. A game so good that that it has social media in a frenzy. A game that reaching the final destination has amazing prizes to be won. This is a travel blog so why am I excited? 9 days ago #VMarksTheSpot went live. What can you win? Wine, a virtual train experience, Virgin flying club miles and ultimately a trip to Necker Island… You read that correct Necker Island. A reason for this blog to get excited. Although in short, vault 10 is the favourite for us, just to complete the treasure hunt will satisfy.

It is easy to play along, download the free app, log in daily, solve the clues. From time to time it is possible to gain extras from searching Virgin’s many websites, also watch out for the physical locations here and there.  Many of the physical clues are located in the city, all the better for those who live near one.

Gold Coins

Having trouble adding the codes to receive the points?

  • firstly Open the app
  • press V Marks the Spot image
  • top right hand corner coin symbol with a plus sign
  • press the symbol
  • enter code
  • press done
  • finally Show me the treasure (bottom)

Necker Island

Necker Island a 74 acre sanctuary in the British Virgin islands. A Place to explore paradise, find amazing wildlife, relax and be looked after by more than 100 staff it is the ultimate Paradise for those looking for peace and quite. Not to mention the array of activities:-

  • Kite Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • BVI Cruise
  • Island Walk
  • Paddleboarding

This activity excites the thrill seeker here very much, Zip Lining from the great house to the far end of the beach in spite of the short length you are greeted with Champagne at the end.

By the time evening comes a beach party will be always be welcome.

V Marks the Spot

In Conclusion what are you waiting for? are you still here…get downloading and join in the fun with many others, remember to use the hashtag #VMarksTheSpot

Terms and conditions of entry

images courtesy of Virgin red and the Virgin group

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