Travel not Complete, what it is it?

Travel not Complete

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Travel Not Complete is a new blog from the author of Cakesphotoslife. For many years she has had a passion for travel but her pockets never allowed it. Slowly she has been able to go traveling (albeit only a few journeys so far afar but many in the UK). She wishes to share her experiences with you. She also wants to highlight things from around the world that you could also experience. As this blog grows she hopes to have guest interviews and Contributors of images from around the world. All Images from others will be credited to those who send in their own work or with express permission from others.

Many do not know but Angie herself trained as a travel Agent many years ago. She understands that as like many professions it has moved with the times but it all means the same. People having a break away from everyday life. Be it on the beach in Spain or climbing mountains in America’s national parks. Walking round Amazing City’s or driving and seeing as much as possible. Each and person have thier own dreams.

Her biggest memory was assisting a couple for a round the world trip with Fred Olsen Cruises on the Black Prince.

She will be adding more content as time goes on and move over some her travel posts from Cakesphotoslife.

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The Team at TNC so far
The Team at TNC so far