Travel Bucket list, Dreams and Achievements

Travel Bucket list, Dreams and Achievements

Have you written a travel bucket list? I have! well its a 50 before 50, some of the things I have achieved and others maybe pipe dreams. I do believe that once you have fulfilled one dream you can work towards the next. Whats on my list that I have achieved?

Included in achievements: I camped last year at Yosemite before starting my epic adventure of cycling from there to San Francisco, you will see its part of my 50 before 50 (Californian road trip). Next time it is in a car with the children to follow the path I did whilst cycling.

Not forgetting swimming with Dolphins which again I would love to do again but with daughter also next time.

One of my Dreams is to whisk my daughter away for her 21st to Vegas, to fulfill our dream of spending quality time together and have some amazing adventures. Fly in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon. Ride a trike down the strip and see the sights from a new angle. (this will not happen now, see final destination of post).

My 50 before 50 has other things on it not just travel but in no particular order here is my top 10 travel bucket list.


Travel Bucket list


Why and When for some of them.

Route 66 – the wind blowing through my hair, the sun shining and my camera handy, riding along on trike is the dream for both my husband and I we really both want to do this but not sure it will be done before the big 50. As I’m sure the little person wont have left home by then.

California Road trip – as mentioned I want to trace my cycling journey in the car with the family but also add on travel further south including Santa Cruz and Monterrey Bay.

A Cruise – I have ultimately always fancied a cruise and would love the inclusion of Belize on it. Visiting different countries and seeing beautiful scenery from each different place, you ask why Belize?  Well many years ago just after the Falklands conflict my husband served in Belize and its the only place he served that he talks about and he dreams of going back.

Northern Lights/Lapland and Cuba – are on the list for Little Man – even though he’s 11 he still believes and a trip to Lapland before he stops is dream for us all, Cuba well he has a fascination for all cars and seeing the cars around Havana is a dream of his. (he sits and googles them)

New Orleans – with camera in hand seeing the sights around Bourbon Street, the Mardi Gras. All the colours and sounds that New Orleans has to offer who wouldn’t want to go?

The Olympics (well the Paralympics really) – little man is disabled, he uses a wheelchair occasionally because of issues with his joints and muscles and has ASD. The Paralympics shows him that there are no boundaries and he can be what he wants.


Disney – Now who could forget Disney? not us we are going thanks to a charity called Dreams Come True, it is little mans dream. He has everything planned in his head and in time it will written up as a social story.

A Villa in Orlando 1 week with a private pool. A trip to Epcot for the test track. A trip back to Epcot for the test track. Personally daughter and I would like to visit Harry Potter and also watch the fireworks at the Magic kingdom.

A week in St Petersburg in a villa again. Visit different stadiums and watch an American football game. Watch the Pelicans play Rugby and his final wish….

A day at the beach with music, family and friends on his Birthday.

Now if anyone wishes to pay for this we would not say No. It could save the charity money (1 adult and 1 child is paid for via the charity) and go towards another child’s Dream. 😉

So whats on your Travel Bucket List?


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