The beautiful Gozo


Grab a coffee, sit back and close your eyes!

Actually please don’t close your eyes as then you can’t read about the beautiful Gozo.

Arriving via the ferry from Malta you are instantly taken back, while knowing and seeing this beautiful country is steeped in tradition just from first sight. The beautiful limestone houses with charming doorways, some old with flecks of paint and little rusty handles, all as a result add to the charm of this tiny island.

Relax in a country filled with tradition, friendly people, beautiful countryside and rugged coastline. Visit the stunning Azure window or the Ta’ Pina Sanctuary. Enjoy a walk along the coast or hire a bike and cycle round the quaint little villages. Villages bustling with locals watching the world go by or being part of the cottage industries within the small communities.

You can see more about this little gem here . With a selection of accommodation, places to visit and lots more helpful advice.

Visiting Gozo can be as adventurous as you want or completely relaxing, it’s what you want to make of it but you won’t be disappointed.

Finally before we go, remember whilst to support the cottage industries such as Gozo glass, the lace makers and those who weave therefore buying these wares. These unique items help the communities keep to the traditional causing people to return.


Finally A lovely Maltese Proverb

A kiss without a hug is like a flower without fragrance.

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