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Tomales Bay Oyster Farm, California images #7

Tomales Bay Oyster Farm

Tomales Bay Oyster Farm

After cycling all morning from Rohnert Park in the heat hitting the Pacific Highway 1 along the way, this is an unusual place to stop but beautiful also, we were shown how to Shuck our own oysters, watch the men bring them in from the beds and sort them out, we ate raw ones with a chilli hit and also barbecued them, a great lunchtime stop.

Coulteville, California Images #5


Coulterville, California

Coulteville, a small town just outside of Yosemite heading East to San Francisco, it has a great little cafe to allow you to cool down after a very hot morning. If your looking for typical old style communites this is one place to visit, look for another on the blog soon.

Alcatraz everyone must Visit

Alcatraz everyone must Visit

Alcatraz everyone must Visit. Everyone has heard of Alcatraz, you may have even seen the films and whatever documentary’s have been on about it, well I can tell you it is

  • Awesome
  • Eerie
  • Mysterious
  • Dark

DSC09752Alcatraz 1Alcatraz 4















Such a lot of emotions running through the body and mind, whist walking round the grounds, inside the Penitentiary itself then thought provoking on the boat home.

In the beautiful grounds, where flowers blossom, a garden grows and the old stone work eroding, it was hard to imagine that nothing but good was in the area.



Alcatraz 5Alcatraz 2 B&W















Enter the Penitentiary and all those feelings change, its cold, eerie and when listening to the tour in your personal headsets, hearing the reality of what happened, when I say reality I mean that, screams and the prison guards from days gone by recounting their time served there. You see the outside world from a tiny window, a bustling city within arms reach yet it cant be reached, you cant just get up and walk, even the guards and their families couldn’t do that, they had to wait for a ferry to collect them and take them the 1 1/2miles across the bay.

Alcatraz 2Alcatraz 1 B&W

Alcatraz 5 B&W















On the ferry back you think back, discuss with the family what you saw and heard. The crimes they committed did they really need to be in a place like that?. In England things happen that are a lot worse yet they have the right to freedom, a TV, they don’t have the right to escape but if they try, they don’t have the water between them, the risk of drowning if they try to escape, in addition to the risk of being shot. Little man Loved this, he loves history and it certainly entertained him.



Alcatraz 4 B&W















If you ever get to San Fransisco I suggest you pre-book this tour before leaving especially if time is limited for you and your family, it is worth every penny.

For further information check out Alcatraz Tours (prices correct as of published date)

Duration Day Tours

  • Approximately 2 ½ Hours


  • Daily Available up to 90 days ahead.

Adult Price: $41.00
Children: $28.50
Seniors: $39.25

Duration Evening Tours

Adult Price:$48.00
Children: $32.00
Seniors: $45.25


Disclaimer: we paid for all flights, hotels, excursions and food during our holiday. I am sharing our experience because I wish to.

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Calacademy a place to visit


Calacademy, is the California Academy of Sciences based in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, it is easily accessible and an amazing day out for young and Old.

We got our tickets within our City Pass booklet but if you were to pay the cost is. Ordering a City Pass is a wonderful way to get around.

Pricing (correct at time of publishing)

  • Adult $34.95
  • Senior (ages 65 and over) $29.95
  • Student $29.95
  • Youth (ages 12-17) $29.95
  • Child (ages 4-11) $24.95
  • Ages 3 and under FREE

What can you do?

  • Enter the Earthquake (Husbands favourite)
  • Planetarium
  • Aquarium
  • Rain forests of the world (my personal favourite)
  • Science in Action (little mans favourite)
  • plus so much more

We arrived for opening, there was a small queue but once inside it seemed spacious enough to not realise how many were actually in the building, until lunch. The queue for a meal or drink was rather large. Our advice is do not plan for anything that day as there is so much to see and do inside. Afterwards take a walk around the park, hire a bike and cycle it, we hired what we thought was a distant memory from our childhood, a 4 wheeled 2 steering bike…it was so much fun (but hard work even on the smallest of hills).


To Enter the Morrisons Planetarium you need to get a ticket and they will inform you of the time to arrive. As it is such a popular event. Little mans ultimate Favourite was the hands on chance to do some science, making a meteorite.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the day


Calacademy 1

Calacademy 2

Calacademy 3

Calacademy 4


























Finally we would give this venue a massive 9.5/10 the loss of .5 was due to the queues for drinks and food hall only.

Disclaimer: All activities done during our time in San Francisco were paid for by us including flights, hotel and insurance

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Bolinas Lagoon CA Images #2

Bolinas Lagoon CA Images #2

bolinas lagoon

Bolinas Lagoon, Marin County, California, a beautiful tranquil place in the early hours of the morning with the rolling fog from the Bay just being seen.


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