Month: June 2017

Disney Dreams

Disney Dreams

An 11 yr waiting by the door with anticipation for a letter, going to school with the question will it won’t it?. The day arrived, he read that it was happening, he would be going to Florida, Disney to be exact. Now jump a few months and mummy got the email it was time to plan. Planning was done in earnest, with surprises in store that he never dreamt of.

The magic day eventually arrived for him and we told him he was actually flying with Virgin! not another airline that we kept saying, the joy on his face. Every day was planned with military precision as has to be with a child like my son. A child who can’t help but be anxious when it comes to the unknown. Yet as a mum surprises have to be thrown in to teach him that life isn’t a planned activity.

After arriving at the amazing villa and the welcome he got was unbelievable, the table set with party items, a cake and balloons that was a surprise to us as well as him and he loved it, who wouldn’t? We sorted rooms and sat down for a well earned cup of coffee/cold drink and enjoyed the warm evening, tomorrow we planned to just relax and get our bearings.

The First Dream

Son’s dream was to ride the Test track at the Epcot and to visit as many stadiums as possible. Our first visit to a Disney park had to be the Epcot.  The first stop was of course the test track. As we walked up he stared in awe at the huge golf ball the excitement levels rising he was so happy to be finally going. After years of watching YouTube videos about it. Even though he had watched he still didn’t realise it was a roller coaster.

As he designed his car with the help of his big sister. He jumped in the car and was over the moon to see his design on the screen. He thought that mummy’s and daddy’s car looked silly compared to his. We all took to the ride, as it went screeching round the corners he screamed and screamed. At the end he jumped for joy to see his car had beaten ours. The day continued with more rides and even some character visits, he was totally exhausted by the end of it.

Some more of his dreams

I won’t go into detail about everyday as that would be a very long post. Suffice to say he slept well during our trip ( a rare occurrence in this household). He visited Tampa to stay by the beach. Woke up there for his 12th birthday and had a picnic where a family friend surprised him also (another dream come true). He got to visit the stadiums around the area. We purposefully missed out the Raymond James . He found out 2 days later why! His Auntie had bought him tickets to go and watch a game. It was amazing, the whole family had a great day, the people were so friendly and helpful throughout the day.

So I have rambled on a little much but we did so much, so just a few more highlights. Animal Kingdom, fabulous, when visiting ensure you see the Festival of the Lion King and follow the wilderness trail with book in hand to learn as you explore.

We also visited, Hollywood studios, blizzard beach, Universal, magic kingdom, Celebration ( a good place if you love cars as Ollie does) and had a pirate sunset cruise. I will stop now but there was so much to do we could have stayed longer.

I couldn’t possibly leave without saying a huge thank you to the person/persons who donated the Villa. It was beautiful, large and tranquil, if we ever get back even just to relax and not visit the parks we will stay at the same resort.


We as a family can’t thank Dreams Come True enough. Without your help his Dream to Disney would still be that a Dream! My Son talks about it to anyone who will listen.

Have entered the Millioneyez competition through SuperLucky Di’s Blog x